Recently, the government has made energy efficient initiatives a high priority, resulting in many great saving opportunities for commercial building owners. Lighthouse LLC helps you take advantage of the tax credit and deductions available to you, ensuring you get the most from your energy savings. The Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction, better known as tax-code section 179D, is one of the most valuable energy savings programs for commercial property owners. These credits and deductions encourage business owners to go green by providing significant tax savings, and our team has the expertise to ensure you understand it all.

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How Do I Qualify for a Tax Credit?

Commercial building owners can qualify for the 179D tax deduction when they install the appropriate systems before December 31, 2020, and meet energy efficiency standards set by the ASHRAE Standard. At Lighthouse LLC, we can help you get the full benefit of the 179D tax deduction by providing lighting and services that’ll help reduce your total energy consumption, meeting the efficiency energy savings standards.

Maximum Deductions Based on Building Size

Building Size (ft²)

Building Envelope



Total Maximum
Deductions Available
















Maximum deduction of 60 cents per square foot for each type of deduction

Shopping center led lighting. Ceiling lights in the mall. Ventilation and water pipes. Fire alarm system

What Commercial Buildings are Eligible for 179D

Lighthouse LLC helps a wide variety of commercial buildings across various industries receive their tax credit through 179D. If you own or operate an apartment complex, hotel, hospital, storage facility, office, retail store, senior living facility, warehouse, or anything of that nature, we can ensure you see your proper energy saving tax deduction.

Light Up Your Space by Hiring Our Outdoor & Indoor LED Lighting Installation Team

At Lighthouse LLC, we’re a lighting company that specializes in indoor and outdoor lighting design, installation, and maintenance for commercial buildings. We’re passionate about installing efficient LED lighting solutions that make spaces functional, comfortable, and visually appealing. We also install smart home automation switches, electric car charging stations and conduct free energy audits for commercial properties. Our service philosophy is rooted in innovation, collaboration, and prioritizing our client’s needs, and we think that makes all the difference. Call and book our lighting installation team today to experience our refined workmanship.

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