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Lighting Planning & Design

Lighthouse LLC is an industry leader in in-depth lighting planning and design. We help take your commercial property to the next level, making sure you achieve that look and feel you desire. All our plans and designs reflect the needs and budget of business owners or other commercial clients, all while complying with any neighborhood guidelines and ordinances. For some of the most innovative lighting design and planning services on the market, strongly consider Lighthouse LLC.

Advantages of Commercial Lighting Planning

At Lighthouse LLC, our experts know the ins and outs of planning commercial lighting at businesses, regardless of your projects size or scope. Proper lighting planning is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure you get the most out of your lighting, utilizing your available budget to the fullest. Our experts thoroughly assess your commercial property before determining where your new lighting will deliver the most benefits. Whether you need indoor or outdoor LED lighting, our planning will exceed all expectations.

Creative Lighting Design Solutions

When you choose Lighthouse LLC, you’re getting a team committed to outstanding creative design work, matching your commercial property’s lighting needs with your budget. Well-designed lighting promotes top quality production in your commercial space, making it safer and more inviting. Further, our lighting design pros can design your lighting to make it as energy efficient as possible, helping you save valuable resources for other areas of your business.

Light Up Your Space by Hiring Our Outdoor & Indoor LED Lighting Installation Team

At Lighthouse LLC, we’re a lighting company that specializes in indoor and outdoor lighting design, installation, and maintenance for commercial buildings. We’re passionate about installing efficient LED lighting solutions that make spaces functional, comfortable, and visually appealing. We also install smart home automation switches, electric car charging stations and conduct free energy audits for commercial properties. Our service philosophy is rooted in innovation, collaboration, and prioritizing our client’s needs, and we think that makes all the difference. Call and book our lighting installation team today to experience our refined workmanship.

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