At Lighthouse LLC, we’re known for our collaborative process, quality workmanship, and service quality that exceeds expectations. Specializing in indoor and outdoor lighting design, installation and maintenance, we use these tools to translate your vision into reality. We layer together ambient and accent lighting fixtures to enhance your building’s ambiance. When you need expert advice on the best solution for your commercial building’s outdoor and indoor lighting setup, there’s no better option than our lighting design team.

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Transform Your Space with Custom Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Installation

Lighting is an underrated element of interior design, and the appropriate lighting fixtures can highlight architectural features, create an illusion of more space, and add new dimensions. Our lighting installation technicians can install any type of lighting fixture, including strip lights, downlights, emergency exit lights, and much more. When you wish to add recessed lighting to brighten your space or need lighting installation for your retail shop, trust our LED lighting services.

Find The Ideal Lighting Plan with Our LED Lighting Services

As an experienced lighting design service, we believe in drawing up a layout plan that fits your space. Without adequate lighting, a room can feel small and cramped. Therefore, our LED lighting service team employs meticulous attention to detail when choosing the type, size, and quality of LED light that best complements your building’s aesthetic. We’re passionate about designing custom lighting solutions, as they help our clients make a compelling, memorable statement. With each space carrying its unique purpose, we bring out the character of each room through lighting design and installing distinctive styles of lighting fixtures.

We Bring The Light!

Efficient, Attractive & Enduring

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Make Your Space More Energy Efficient with Free Energy Audits

Most commercial buildings have energy inefficiencies, resulting in unnecessarily high operating costs.  At Lighthouse LLC, we have a streamlined process for conducting free energy audits. This process includes monitoring, analyzing, and verifying energy use to establish any problem zones. We also make recommendations that improve your energy efficiency and address safety concerns. This ultimately increases property value and reduces your carbon footprint. If you’ve been getting high energy bills, then it’s time you complete our free energy audit.

Light Up Your Space by Hiring Our Outdoor & Indoor LED Lighting Installation Team

At Lighthouse LLC, we’re a lighting company that specializes in indoor and outdoor lighting design, installation, and maintenance for commercial buildings. We’re passionate about installing efficient LED lighting solutions that make spaces functional, comfortable, and visually appealing. We also install smart home automation switches, electric car charging stations and conduct free energy audits for commercial properties. Our service philosophy is rooted in innovation, collaboration, and prioritizing our client’s needs, and we think that makes all the difference. Call and book our lighting installation team today to experience our refined workmanship.

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