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Plant Lighting Smart Controller

Easily Automate Your Grow

  • Features

    Control Multiple Fixture Groups

    Control up to 160 total fixtures across 2 groups (80 fixtures per group) in separate grow areas with the simple to use 8.5″ LED touch screen. Easily view each group’s power levels, temperature, humidity, dimming status and emergency shut down status from the Home Screen. Operates compatible LED and HID fixtures.

    Select Dimming & Fixture Types

    Set each group’s dimming level and fixture type (LED 15-100% or HID 50-115%) from the Dimming screen. Choose either manual On/Off or Auto-Pilot dimming modes.

    Auto Pilot Dimming Modes

    Adjust dimming manually or program light levels and time schedules using one of three cycle options: Daily Cycle (24-hr period), Custom Cycle (48-hr period) and Hourly Daily Cycle (hour by hour over a 24-hr period).

    Sunrise & Sunset Mode

    Enter a minute value between 10-60 minutes to set the amount of time it takes the lights to dim on and dim off at the beginning and end of each cycle for each group to mimic natural sunrise and sunset conditions.

    Overheat Protection

    Assign temperature thresholds for Auto-Dim and Shut-Down protocols to protect plants from excessive heat in case of HVAC failure or other emergencies.

    Quick & Simple Installation

    Each controller comes with mounting hardware, power cable, two 16′ temperature and humidity sensors, two 10′ RJ14 network data cables, two RJ14 daisy chain connectors and a user manual. To the connect the controller to the fixture, simply plug the RJ14 network data cable into the light fixture’s dimming or communication port.

  • Additional Information

    • Model number: YT-AG/LED/SCON
    • Screen size: 8.5″ (216mm)
    • Power adapter: 100-277V AC – DC 5V/1000mA
    • Control voltage outputs: 2 groups (A/B)
    • Number of fixtures per output: 80 pcs max
    • Max cable length per group: 328′ (100m)
    • Sensor cable length: 16.4′ (5m)
    • RJ14 network data cable length: 9.8′ (3m)
    • Auto pilot: Yes
    • Sunrise/Sunset: Yes (10-60 minutes)
    • Overheat protection: Yes
    • Dimensions (l x w x h): 8.2″x5.2″x1.3″ (208x132x33mm)
    • Weight: 1.54 lbs (0.7 kg)
    • Warranty: 3 years

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