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The Orro smart living system upgrades the quality of your home life, it is a simple to use, intelligent system.

Replace your old light switches with Orro S and notice the difference that it makes, Orro One unifies your home technology.

  • Features

    Human Centric Lighting

    Orro comes with the intelligence to automatically provide the optimal lighting throughout the day, which is the perfect support to your cercarial rhythm.

    Energy Efficiency

    Orro can keep the lights off when there is no one in the room, or reduce the lighting if there is enough light, this way it efficiently lowers the overall energy usage.

    Unified Home Control

    You can control all your smart home devices through Orro S, via mobile app or by using voice control. Wherever you place Orro S that room becomes a part of a total home control system.

    Peace of Mind

    When you upgrade your switches to Orro S they became a robust home monitoring system, which can notify you in case of some suspicious activity when you are not home.

  • Additional Information

    Motion & Sound Detector Orro S can sense your motion or sound and recognize & respond to your presence.
    Bluetooth & WiFi Network connectivity allows quick and easy control from anywhere.
    Natural Lighting Dims or lights up in order to support your circadian rhythm and improve your sleep.
    Multiway Compatible Orro S is compatible with all your home wiring configurations.
    Intercom You can talk from one to another room by using the switch.
    Energy Saving Orro’s smart home intelligence can reduce the overall home light usage by 70%.
    Adaptive Lighting By recognizing your preferences and patterns Orro S automatically controls the lights to the perfect level.

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