How to Use LED Lights For Home Interiors


When it comes to lighting, LED lights are doing wonders with home interiors as you can use them in a wide variety of ways. Nowadays, you can purchase LED lights in different fixtures, and a wide array of colors. In addition to that, they will last for years to come so homeowners usually have no doubt when choosing lighting options for their interiors. LED lights dominate the market as they provide numerous benefits to users. Let us see how to use LED lights for home interiors and get the most out of them.

What type of light fixtures are there?

To find out how to use LED lights for home interiors, it is important to know what types of fixtures you can use to maximize the effect of LED lights. Only when you know your options can you utilize the LED lights to the maximum.

  • Pendant lights – It is also called drop, or suspension lights. They hang from the ceiling and are suspended by a chain or a metal rod. Usually, there are three or more light bulbs on it.
  • Recessed lights – This type of light is very common nowadays. It is implemented directly into the wall, ceiling, or fake ceiling. It is quite decorative, and most homeowners choose to have these at least in one room.
  • Track lighting – Multiple light bulbs placed on a track, that can be in form of pendants or surface-mounted. They can come in a variety of forms and colors, so you can express your creativity as you will have many options to choose from.
  • Surface lights – These fixtures are the most common type of fixtures in a home interior. The fixtures are visible and on the surface of the wall.

Use LED lights in the entryways and hallways

The beauty of LED lights is that you can use them in any type of fixture, and you can choose the color of the light, and most importantly your entire house can be lit by LED lights. So, you can start from the hallways and entryways. Both you and your guests must have a well-lit passage to the rest of the house. If you have artwork or photos of your family, favorite vacation photos, etc. you can use track lighting to accentuate those pieces, for example. Also, a clear surface LED light from the ceiling will provide a much-needed light for taking your coats and jackets off, as well as your shoes.


Staircases turn into some of the most beautiful parts of the house when lit properly with LED lights. Use recessed light fixtures in the staircase to light up every step. Not only does a lit-up staircase look amazing and with style, but it is also safer to climb it. We live in a hectic world, and more often than not we are in a hurry. These lights will light our way upstairs or downstairs as we wish.

It is important to notice that the light switches should be easily accessible no matter where and how you place your LED lights. Easily accessible lights will make your day-to-day life much easier and safer.


It is important to have a bright light in a bathroom. With LED lights this is possible, and this is why many homeowners choose LED lights in their homes. We recommend that you use LED lights over the mirror and the sink. Here you can use pendant lights or track lights to get the maximum experience. Also, if you have a tub in the bathroom, you can use dimmers and adjust the light how it suits you. Since it can get slippery in the bathroom, we also recommend that you place some emergency lights that would provide enough light for you to go out of the bathroom at night, for example, in case the original lights stop working.


The kitchen is another room in your home that can benefit from LED lights. Take advantage of task lighting and implement LED lights under countertops. This type of lighting will enable you to see what is in front of you. And we can agree that it is useful to have clear light when chopping, cooking, decorating, baking, and eating in the kitchen. Your work surface will look more beautiful than ever as you will have the best task lighting with LED lights.

Dining room

The dining room is perhaps one of the rooms in which you can use the benefits of LED lights the most. Pendant lights above the dining table will add a touch of glamour, and your guests will love it. You can also accentuate your favorite fine china set by illuminating the countertop that contains it. If you have a painting or any other form of art in the dining room, recessed lights or surface LED lights will do wonders with accentuating it. The dining room is perfect for using chandeliers, but if you don`t like them you can use track lighting, pendants, or sconces. There can never be too much light in a room, just carefully observe where you would want more light, and LED lights will fulfill any desire you have.

Living room

In many houses, the dining room and living room are one room. Most of the time spent in the house is spent precisely in these rooms. Installing dimmers in the living room is the right choice. In this way, you can adjust the level of light you want. Lower light is great when you are watching a movie in the evening, but a stronger light is necessary when you have a couple of your friends over. Accentuate family photos and bookshelf with track light or recessed light in this room as well. You can even experiment with color and enjoy various LED light colors as you choose. There are plenty of ways in which you can use LED lights for home interiors. Proper light can do wonders for your interior and transform the way you look at a certain room.

Although this is a straightforward story, you might still have a couple of questions about interior LED lighting. Contact your lighthouse lighting company, and we’ll be glad to help you choose the best indoor LED lighting for your home.

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