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  • Features

    Energy Savings: Up to 75% less energy than fluorescent tubes and HPS.

    Much Longer lifespan: Titan LED Grow light tubes are rated for 102,000 hours.

    Delivered Photon efficiency: A proprietary light spectrum curve that focuses illumination energy that is beneficial to all types of plant growth.

    Reduced Heat: Substantial reduction in operational temperatures. increases safety and reduces risk of leaf burn. Reduced heat from light source temperatures makes overall management
    of grow area and its operation easier.

    Better Yields: Test results have repeatedly shown in this controlled environment (shown right) Grow Green Series delivered better growth rates and Yielded Greener, cleaner, crispier, tastier output than Metal Halide, HPS, or with conventional farming.

    Easily Mountable in various positions: Great for vertical farming or wall mounted illumination. Mount to walls easily using Titans mounting clips. Wall Supplement Lighting can substantially increase lower plant growth especially on taller plants.

    Safety: Remote mountable IP66 rated driver delivers Low – Voltage DC output constant current to safely power tube with a locking wire-whip connector.

  • Additional Information

    Available Wattage 28.6W – 29.2W
    Available CCT 3490K
    Efficiency Average 1.7 μmol/ J
    Lumen Output 2436 LM
    Input Voltage AC120-277V
    Input Frequency 60HZ
    CRI 82
    Power Factor 0.99
    THD >13%
    Lens Polycarbonate Clear
    Dimensions 47-7/8” L x 1-1/16” W x 3/4” H
    Life Span (Hours) >102,000

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